BAA Innovation & Technology Launch – July 2018

Hosted by Willmott Dixon

The premise of this event was to launch the Birmingham Architectural Association: Innovation and Technologies group and to get people talking about BIM and Technology. There is often a stigma attached to many elements of the new technologies and digital design strategies that are emerging. We want to be able to actively engage people in what’s available to them and start a conversation about the future of the industry. I think we did a good job of this with many people taking away something from the evening be it an experience of VR or some more knowledge about BIM.



This was helped by the event venue being so amazing. Willmott Dixons Snowhill office was both a great example of a modern office space but also gave us the opportunity to get to grips with the new emerging digital technologies in their ‘BIM’ Cave. The suite allowed for immersive model walkthroughs, site scans and 360 cameras just to start. This was a big hit of the night and I would wholly recommend trying to see it if you missed out on the event.

There was also the chance to experience the variety of VR technology on offer be it the full headsets with walkthrough to the card glasses. This gave people a look at accessible technology that can start to make an impact on their design practice from showing clients finishes to choosing spatial arrangements and gave those watching some laughs as people tried to walk into table chairs and innocent bystanders.



Also much thanks should be given to all the people who gave talks on their practice experience of the software. Anthony Woodsford Associate & BIM Manager from Corstophine and Wright, Chris Johnston BIM Manager from Willmott Dixon & Dr Maxwell Mallia-Parfitt Director of Fulcro Applied Technologies and Lydia Moth Architectural Assistant atArchitype.

It was great to hear the different experiences of people within the Built Environment community and be able to ask them questions on how they got to where they are.

We hope to continue to de mystify the technological realm with upcoming events, so watch this space and hope to see you all soon.

Lydia Moth, Co-Chair of the BAA Innovation & Technology Committee