BAA Monthly Meetings

The BAA Committee is a collaboration between volunteers in the wider West Midlands, from architectural directors to Part I students. For all the events and campaigns to take place a lot of work happens behind the scenes. Our monthly meetings happen every second Tuesday and Monday, morning meetings between 7.30 and 8.30 in a city centre location and evening meetings in Allermuir JQ Design Destination in the Jewellery Quarter. In 2019, we have had some enthusiastic discussions. The meetings give birth to all of our events, such as the creative Table Talks – an ambition of our president Simon Kinvig to revolutionise the power point presentation! We have heard from external experts as well, such as the Chairman of the Highbury Chamberlain Trust, Les sparks, who spoke to us about conservation and future collaboration. The committee is always open to new members and we welcome everyone and anyone from the architectural community to join us with an idea for a campaign, event or keen to help us continue with our work.