BCU Awards – July 2019

eb36c150-a88b-49a7-82c8-ee31c2b87ea8The BCU BSoAD awards night is always the culmination of much anticipation.  For weeks prior there is no-one in the whole community who could fail to notice the build up to the exams, crits and hand-in’s.
Colleagues away on study-leave, furtive printing, and eventually the dusty clothes of those building the exhibition.

This year was no different, save for the heavy rain which did nothing to dampen the atmosphere, save keeping the top floors mercifully cool.


As ever the work was of the highest standard, the presentation skills of the BA standing out, both those using software and those who’s designs relied on hand drawing to portray their message. Of note was the unit where castings and sculpture informed their submissions.

The interior designer’s work remained innovative, re-iterating the relevancy of how we connect with our designed spaces in otherwise alienating conditions re-ascribing meaning to those places most important to our ongoing wellbeing.
From the Masters course exemplary work was harder to find, the level of quality being so high from every student. Focuses on meaningful crafts, retro-fit and re-use, engaging with social change through ritual and designs toward an architecture fit for the climate emergency showed all present that this year’s cohort had their eyes firmly fixed on the challenges of the near future.


The prizes were well deserved and the BAA remains proud to have been able to support three this year with the aim of improving on the scale of the awards in 2020.