Calling All Creatives 2020 Entry

Home - By Bethany Dartnell

Birmingham has always been ‘Home’ to me. I have spent years exploring and documenting all of my favourite places. Collecting them into an almost archive of ‘Beth spots’ that I would visit very often to draw from. During the lockdown, the hardest part has been the lack of accessibility to the City Centre and how hard it has been to draw and create when I’m not physically in those spots. The majority of the work I have been creating has been from old pictures of Birmingham that I have been referencing. This one is a section of the buildings on the Smallbrook Queensway which hands down for me is a winner in terms of Birmingham’s remaining Brutalist architecture. It is such an ugly, imposing piece of architecture which tends to be the top criteria to enter my collection of builds!



Bethany Dartnell