Calling All Creatives 2020 Entry

"Right Angles" By Kurt Hickson

‘Home’ to me is a place of comfort, energy and familiarity.  home can be any location where we live or have lived; a place that we can leave and return to at any given time.  More than just a house, flat or apartment, a home is a place of identity, security and belonging.

Right Angles (2018) is an artwork made from excavated tiles found deep within the ground of my back garden a few years ago.  Whilst it holds onto its nostalgic, decorative past as tiling around an old fireplace or other house feature, the tiles have been reappropriated and reformed into a new object for the home.  Like most artworks found in the places where we live Right Angles is designed to hang on a wall, but combines this with the kind of structural elements found in modernist sculpture and architecture to create more of a deep wall relief.  The work brings together DIY culture with the materials, shapes, pattern, forms and the sense of history that we are all familiar with within our homes.  Through accumulated fragments of tile I have attempted to create something completely new out of something old, whilst pointing to the self-reflective decorative objects and features found in our everyday lives.