Catherine Abdelshahid

BCU MA Interior Architecture and Design

Celebrating BAA Student Ambassador and BCU MA Interior Architecture and Design student, Catherine Abdelshahid.

By offering Rolex, a luxury watch making Swiss brand, a yacht to travel around the world allows them to connect with a wider community of wealthy buyers who are interested in investing into the brand, knowing the identity and values they stand by.
The yacht will speak of Rolex’s luxury cultural identity and elegance while making a statement about the brands’ environmental conservation involvement and adoration to design for the ocean. The interior will house a new facility never introduced on yachts, an auction and gallery space.
These spaces will host events, in collaboration with Sotheby’s, and elite buyers who are part of the Rolex community to raise money and awareness to aid an organisation called Plastic Oceans to clean the ocean from human plastic waste.


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