Dunia El-Zahawi

BCU Ba(Hons) Architecture

Introducing BAA Student Ambassador and BCU Ba(Hons) Architecture student, Dunia El-Zahawi.

Changing the construction industry as a young 20-year-old student can be seen as something rather ‘impossible’, but why do we have to set limits to ourselves simply due to age and background?

I want to help students who may experience some difficulties in ‘fitting’ in and help them understand that architecture is a form of design and conceptional thinking. Just like the designs of todays and future buildings, no one is alike, so we should all try to ‘stand out’ and become the best versions of ourselves to make a difference for the future.

The construction industry has been improving a lot for the past few years. We have seen an increasing interest to sustainability, which is rather important on its own, but is there something else that would be just as interesting to have a look at when it comes to architecture?

Find out more about Dunia here.

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