Future Architects’ Network

Architecture Students’ Network


Saturday 3rd November Save The Date

– Establish an agenda for architectural education

– Set up a network of students to deliver and develop this agenda

– Debate and adopt a coordinated strategy of representation

– Work with the existing structures of the ASN and RIBA

– Create a foundation upon which a national network of Future Architects’ can be built

– Student lead approach


Architecture students, both studying and recently graduated, within the profession do not currently have a manifesto that is representative of what they envision for the future of education or their careers.


We would like to establish a network, which has the ability to create, drive and deliver an agenda that is representative of all students and clearly sets out how architectural education should be managed. This will also address the current lack of connectivity between education and the future professions of students, by maintaining a supportive structure that provides opportunities and essential career prospects.


Working in collaboration with the ASN, the RIBA representatives will be able to utilise existing networks to the benefit of the ASN and bring items on the student agenda to the forefront at National Council.


Being the youngest city in Europe, Birmingham is a natural fit to foster the beginnings of a Future Architects network.’ – Chair of Knowledge, Education and future Architects sub-group BAA


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