Joanna Pilarczyk

Architectural Specification Manager at Forster

Here at Forsters we passionately develop and manufacture the high-quality steel and stainless steel profile systems for glazed elements for both external and internal applications.

Steel is our passion because it combines elegance and strength, durability and timelessness like hardly any other material. In addition, it is perfect solution for Net Carbon Zero movement as it has a long life span and it is 100% recyclable. This is exactly where Forster comes in. For us, building with steel means building for life: building in the service of the diverse needs of people and future generations as well as building with respect for the environment and natural resources. All of that has helped us to become the international market leader for fire rated glazed elements and high-insulated external windows and doors.

Joanna joined Forster in 2018 as a Technical Support Manager and year later she has been promoted to Architectural Specification Manager role. She hold BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture & Design title and have over 10 years’ experience as an Architect and Designer in glazing industry. This is very helpful when she is working on the project because she can quickly understand the requirements and can offer the best solution. She is very passionate about Architecture, Design, Glass and everything around construction but she is not stopping there. With many others interest and hobbies including bridges, steam engines, heavy machinery and general interest in history she is full of ‘useless knowledge’ as she like to call it.


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