Nenpin Dimka

Wolverhampton PhD Architecture and Built Environment

Introducing BAA Student Ambassador and Wolverhampton PhD Architecture and Built Environment student, Nenpin Dimka.

For architecture to truly achieve diversity it must be open to all. But this depends on representation so varied barriers to entry, progression and the impacts thereof can be addressed. Diversity is only achievable by increasing representation of different groups. Most importantly, the representation of groups identified in more specifics that resonate with their chosen identity as oppose to broad categorization or generalized terms.

Innovation of traditional approaches which have not been effective in delivering the increasingly dynamic needs of ever-growing societies. And, an increased appetite for change and innovation to tackling critical issues like climate change and housing shortage.

Evolution of the profession through increased and better ways of integration with industry professionals and ‘communication’ in learning between industry and academia.

Find out more about Nenpin here.

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