Outgoing Honourable Secretary – Alison Doran

Birmingham Architectural Association Honourable Secretary (2019-2021)

Birmingham Architectural Association’s Outgoing Honourable Secretary (2019-2021), Architect Alison Doran.

It has been a rollercoaster these last two years, but it has probably been the best rollercoaster I will ever get on.

Being a part of a collective that is passionate about Architecture and the Built Environment has been a fantastic experience.
As the honourable secretary, I have been fortunate to see the inside workings of the BAA and the hard work and passion that goes into it by all the committee, especially by the President Marina Strotz and the Vice President Amy Francis-Smith and of course of Honourable Treasurer Frank Brophy.

I will be sad to step down as Honourable Secretary but will look on my time with fond memories.

I wish the new President and Honourable Secretary the best of luck and look forward to seeing what direction the BAA moves in.

Thank you all for the opportunity and for the support you have given the BAA, and thank you to the Presidential Team for allowing me to take this journey with you.

Alison Doran

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Alison is an Architect based in Coventry who is passionate about conservation and heritage in the West Midlands.

Having studied in Liverpool for 5 Years, Alison moved to the West Midlands and worked in the conservation offices at BDP and Donald Insall and is now working in the Coventry City Council Conservation and Planning department.

She has been actively involved in the Birmingham Architectural Association for over four years, previously serving as the Honourable Secretary (2019-2021), pushing heritage onto the agenda to engage the wider architectural community and the public.

Previously Alison was involved in the Liverpool Architect Society (LAS) and was one of the founding members of the Liverpool Young Architects society (LYA) before moving to the West Midlands and becoming a part of the BAA.


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