Resilience with the Landscape Institute and Fira – July 2020

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Join the Birmingham Architectural Architectural Association on July 14th at 5pm for “Resilience”, a brand new series which hears from special guest speakers from across the world.

This new series of talks will hear from business and industry leaders as they discuss how they are working to overcome the challenges they face daily. Sharing knowledge and explaining unique tactics being used to out manoeuvre and adapt to a world wide pandemic. With economic impacts that that are widely predicted to be worse than the 2008 crash, our Resilience series will help you to navigate this global pandemic and economic storm and economic storm. Jane Findlay is a Landscape Architect, the founding director of Fira, a landscape practice based in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Jane is President of the Landscape Institute and taking up her post in July 2020.

She is an experienced masterplanner and designer of large and complex projects. Jane is particularly experienced in the design of the healing landscape for healthcare. She has delivered some of the largest and most complex healthcare projects in the UK.

Jane is passionate about promoting the psychological and physical benefits that quality landscape design plays in all aspects of the public realm. She is a pioneering exponent of ‘place-making’ and the importance of health and wellbeing in the way that people experience the urban realm and the spaces we create within, around buildings, and connecting places. She is a leader in the field of the concept of the ‘healing landscape’, which is reflected in all her work.

Her talk Healthy Places Healthy People will look at why we are so dependent on nature and how that dependency affects our health and wellbeing in a world that is so dislocated from nature.

The health of the nation is rarely out of the news and never more so than today. The evidence is unequivocal – peoples’ health and wellbeing and the persistence of health inequalities can be addressed, in part by, providing good quality and local green spaces. In fact, much of the history of landscape architecture can be traced back to the need to create places that were beneficial for peoples’ health and wellbeing.

The Birmingham Architectural Association is kindly supported by Allermuir, Allgood, Altro, Armitage Shanks, Delta Light, Ibstock, Marley, Milliken,  Reynaers, SKG Kitchen Gallery and Taylor Maxwell.

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