Simeon Shtebunaev

Introducing Birmingham Architectural Association Committee Member and PHd Candidate, Simeon Shtebunaev.

Simeon is a doctoral researcher in Birmingham City University, researching how citizens engage in the planning of future cities. He is passionate about participatory design and young people. Simeon is an ambassador for the Architects Benevolent Society in West Midlands and has worked to promote mental health awareness in architecture. He co-founded and has been teaching at a summer school in architecture for secondary school children in Bulgaria. He is also an active #RIBA Learning Ambassador delivering workshops in schools.

Currently, Simeon is part of the Youth Steering Committee of the youth organisation Beatfreeks in #Birmingham, as well as, part of the West Midlands Combined Authority cultural leadership board. His professional interests sit between architecture and town planning. Simeon served as a trustee of the RIBA (2016-2019) and as a Vice-President for Students and Associates, co-founding the RIBA Future Architects. Simeon is an alumnus of the University of Sheffield and has worked for Building Design Partnership. 

Outside of work, he spends his time hiking, learning about new cultures through travel and history, and producing amateurish art.

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