Lee Simmonds

Solus Ceramics

Based at their HQ in Birmingham, Solus, are home to an endlessly evolving collection of beautiful, innovative and functional ceramic and porcelain tiles.  

Our tiles start and end with the earth around us. So, for us, it’s imperative that we care for our planet earth by constantly reducing our impact where we can through innovation and smarter choices.  

With factories dotted around the earthy tones of Southern Europe, in Italy, Spain and Portugal, we pride ourselves in the quality and attention to detail of every single tile that passes through their hands. 

Solus are proud recipients of numerous industry awards and accolades, most recently winning the Confindustria Ceramica ‘Distributor Award’ and also receiving the illustrious ’10 Year Award’ from Investors in People. In addition, Solus are involved with numerous award winning architectural projects every year, with recent associated wins at the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, various regional RIBA awards, and even National RIBA awards.

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