Supporting the Stephen Lawrence Trust


This week we have witnessed people from all communities around the world stepping up and speaking out about the long overdue equality for black lives.


The BAA believe everyone should have equal access to, and experience the benefits of Architecture. More importantly, we believe everyone should have equal rights and equal opportunities full stop.


The continued violence, discrimination and oppression of black people across the world is abhorrent and is against everything the BAA stands for.


We have always tried to promote and give platform to a diverse range of voices, both publicly and in our committee; however, we acknowledge there is always more we could be doing, especially in addressing the disparities and issues within our own industry.


One of the ways The BAA will be showing our support is by donating £1000 to the Stephen Lawrence Trust.


Their inspirational work includes the Building Futures programme, which has supported 250+ young people from disadvantage backgrounds and underrepresented groups study architecture, gain experience and qualify as architects.


We pledge we will be shoulder to shoulder alongside our black friends in this ongoing fight against racism.


We stand with you.
Black Lives Matter.