Weronika Sielska

Coventry MArch Architecture


Celebrating BAA Student Ambassador and Coventry MArch Architecture student, Weronika Sielska.

Project Name
Primrose Youth Centre

Project Description
Primrose Hill park, located in Hilfields Coventry, is an area infamous for high crime levels and litter pollution. The study shows potential for the introduction of the Youth centre to tackle existing area pathologies. The functions proposed including a sports hall/event space as well as a study space aim to engage with the young community.

Study shows, litter problem goes deeper than just visual pollution. Unfortunately, it also affects the urban metabolism of the street, particularly wildlife. The Nesting facade redirects new high activity animal hotspots to the heart of the Primrose Hill park, away from the streets and residential doorsteps.

Find out more about Weronika here.

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